Millions of consumers use social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook every day, yet many travel firms seem very slow to tap up in the power of this media form.

Just six years after Facebook was established, it has more than 350m worldwide users. Besides this, Buzz today has everything required to reach more than 150m monthly users on the Gmail user base.

Experts have claimed that Travel is one of the foremost sections for consumers in the social media but businesses are lagging behind. Budgets are just slowly moving out of traditional marketing.

According to Paul Richer, senior partner at technology consultancy genesys, “If you are a specialist, participate in groups at Twitter and Facebook and position yourself as an expert.

There are real opportunities for the tourist boards- if a member of staff overseas has a GPS- enabled phone, he/ she can ask for queries and get instant feedback.

Similarly, travellers can easily find information about various places and share information with others on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Social Media is considered as an effective tool and if it has worked in every field, it can surely boom the travel industry as well.