With Facebook’s ever-changing layout, one forgets that there are some neat tricks that the FB status lets you pull.

Here are some super cool tips to help you use your status updates smartly…

Add a Dislike/Love/ Hate Option to Your Status Update

Now everyone’s got a ‘Like’ button.. so how cool would it be to have a ‘Dislike’ button…

The clever Status Magic Facebook app can add a dislike button to any status updates posted via the app. And if what you really want is to have an assortment you can actually customize the second emotion to anything, such as “love,” “hate,” “disagree” or even “LOLs.”

Hide Status Updates From Certain People

Facebook’s general privacy settings allow you to chose exactly who you want seeing or not seeing your FB status updates…You can select specific friend lists… or even specific people… to see your status…very useful for organizing a surprise party huh… ;).

Pre-Schedule Status Updates

The easy, free Later Bro service offers one the choice of easily pre-scheduling their status updates.

So believe it or not, all you gotta do is just sign in with Facebook Connect, select your time zone, type in what it is you’d like to say, set the calendar and clock to when you’d like to say it, and Voila!

Source: Mashable