There are two ways for a brand/corporate entity or even individuals to manage their communications

Option One: Do it yourself

a)All social network tools are  FREE

b)But it’s time-consuming

c)You’ll need to pay someone to create the conversation

d)You’ll need to pay someone to monitor the conversation

e)If you want to respond you need to speak the ‘language’

f)If you miss something, too bad

Option Two: Professional Social Media Communications from CLOUD 9 a)Costs around $1500-$2700 a month

b)No need to chase CONSUMER audiences , they come to you

c)You can see who is doing the talking

d)You can get advice on how to respond

e)You know you won’t miss anything because someone else is doing the watching

f)You can benchmark against your competitors and chart data

Besides offering our social media strategy and services we help our cleints to take on social media themeselves by training them in social media communications. We equip our clients with the tools, systems, process and guide books that would help them champion social media!

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