Social Media and related tools are providing easy access to informed masses for a number of groups. Facebook, for instance, has created an easy platform to promote social causes and awareness and many NGO’s, institutions, and crusaders are already utilising the vast exposure that is made available by this Social Media tool to create and drive their specific agendas. Although there are various pages created for all causes but we take a closer look to the most popular page for each cause.

  • Earth Hour: Started In 2009, this Facebook Fanpage has managed to get 380,000 people, on its main fanpage enlisted for switching off all lights on March 27, every year for an hour. Regular posting of photos, videos and blog posts have generated  fan involvement with almost each post here getting over 500 ‘likes’- incredible!
  • Aids Awareness: This topic, has generated a lot of attention, with over 160,000 fans joining in to show their concern. However, given the spread of the pandemic, and its mass awareness, the conversations on the Facebook fan page are limited.
  • Save the Tiger:  This cause attracted 1.33 lac people but the discussion remains confined to creating awareness around the problem of poaching rather than directing or guiding opinion or mass action to any solution.
  • Save the girl child Similarly the important cause of saving the girl child also did not get many takers on facebook with 8900 fans.  Reason being the same as irregular updates.
  • Climate Change Being the most talked about and concern generating cause, this one does not have a major presence on Facebook. There are several pages on Facebook promoting the cause but none of them has been able to get a huge number of people together. The reason being no regular posts or action by the creators which eventually takes away the interest shown by the fans.

Facebook can prove to be a great platform to promote social causes provided that the page is maintained with regular updates and encouraging participation.