Behind the Doomsday title and  results from a study conducted by the National Retail Federation in US, and a whole bunch of other people/companies, is the fact that more and more online shoppers are bypassing websites for Facebook and Twitter, at least in the retail space.

The study, which was based on more than 1,700 online shoppers, revealed some interesting findings re: the use of online shopping, social media, consumers and retailers:

42% of online shoppers “occasionally” follow a store via social media; not quite sure what we can glean from words like “occasionally” but… Of the 42% who do in fact follow a retailer:

  • 58% do so to find deals 
  • 49% to stay up to date 
  • 39% are in it for the contests & events 

Overall, nearly 60% of Facebook users have clicked on a link which took them to a retailer’s website compared to…

Nearly 70% of Twitter users who have done so!

While these numbers are interesting and all that, what the study also revealed is – 35% of Facebook users and 32% Twitter users said they would forgo a company website and make a purchase via these social media channels instead Did you he

ar that? That was the sound of website developers all over the land screaming NOOOO!!!!!!

You still need a website!!!

What do you think?

Do you think Facebook and Twitter have the potential to replace websites, at least to some degree?

Have you ever made a purchase via Facebook or Twitter and bypassed a website completely?

If so, did you do it because it was easier?

Sources: Original Post Facebook And Twitter Will Soon Replace All Websites & Media Post