Opinions consumers trust

Opinions consumers trust

People Trust people- they know!

Think about it! what is the most enduring influence in your decisions? what other people tell you! Sometimes, you follow- as in peer pressure, and sometimes you don’t- when you’re an early adopter.

Two-thirds of the economy is NOW influenced by PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS, according to a study by McKinsey.

We have reached a point where:

14% of people trust ads
78% of people trust consumer recommendations
(Source: Neilsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey, 2008)
And, you know where the cutting edge of discussion on recommendations, issues, how-to’s and where-from’s are unfolding on the NET. That’s orkut, facebook, linkedin, twitter, wordpress, myspace, and blogspot, for you! Now what goes where, and how to engage in this CONVERSATION MEDIA, that’s what we are in business for.
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