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Small businesses can effectively supercharge themselves by leveraging social media. However, pre-requisite is drafting a plan for social marketing efforts as well as in terms of returns. Once your goals are clear, leveraging social media will become easier and will translate into more results.

Facebook is the big daddy of social media marketing. If you want to generate revenues for your business, you have to have a presence on Facebook. You can either create business fan page, which will let all your fans and members register with the page. This is one way of expanding your business presence. Other important way is to track your competitors on Facebook and see what they are doing. In fact, observe the ways how your competitors are generating traffic, which give you better ideas as to how you can generate traffic for your site.

Even twitter has become every marketer’s priority in the past three years. The site offers a variety of options which can help generate a lot of traffic for your business. Various desktop and mobile tools like Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and Tweetie will give more flexibility to your business. With other tools, you can define key searches and focus on the main content. Optimization is the key with Twitter. So, get going with the network accordingly.

Apart from social networks, corporate blogging can also give your business the desired boost. But before anything, you would have to register a domain name. But if registering a domain name seems like a difficult task, you can also get going with sites like WordPress, Blogspot or Posterous. All these sites are excellent options if you want to start a conversation with your audience. Nonetheless, great content is the only way to popularize your blog. So, decide on what interests you and get going in the blogosphere.

Social media is about listening to your consumers and giving them right information at the right time. The prime purpose of social media is to connect with your audience and that could be your customers, internal employees, stakeholders and opinion makers.

Nowadays, many companies are embracing the concept of social media to win more customers. Interestingly, you neither need high skilled labor nor complicated technologies to get going with the social media! Despite this, many companies are failing at their efforts at getting desired results from social media. We explore the reasons…

Many a times companies can’t seem to talk about anything else but themselves. Once in a while self promotion is acceptable but repeating the same practice will only reduce the traffic. It is important to develop strategies which can engage consumers in interesting conversations. For instance, Kodak’s photography blog is in general about creativity and not just about Kodak cameras. Consumers today are intelligent enough to differentiate between blatant advertising and dynamic stuff. So, being creative is the key to success.

Another aspect where companies fail is due to laid back attitude. If a customer has addressed a query or is not happy with your service, provide proactive response to him/her. Once delayed, your company will lose its reputation and most probably that consumer forever. With social media, ‘word of mouth’ is the trick. If you lose on one customer, chances are high that you might lose 10 more as well. Thus proactive attitude can only save the sinking titanic.

Seriously speaking, social media is not a rocket science. Carefully handled, it can generate huge revenues for your brand with a loyal customer base. All you got to do is formulate your policies, procedures, products and processes around the social media. The results are surely going to be lucrative…we can assure you of that!!

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Orkut and Facebook  has been a favourite topic for quite a while now. Who’s winning; who will lose? What’s the future of social networking? These questions are always buzzing the minds of smart marketers who constantly look for new platforms.

Recently, there was a lot of noise over Facebook promoting itself in India by urging people to add their Orkut Friends. Then Orkut blocked their little tool, so on and so forth.  With Facebook dominating almost every other country, India and Brazil were Orkut’s last bastion. But now even that has crumbled!

This simply means that there are more Indians now on Facebook as compared to Orkut. The stats (as quoted) from the article:

“In August, Orkut’s unique visitors in India dipped by 800,000 within a month, from 16 million visitors in July to 15.2 million visitors in August. On the other hand, Facebook grew its unique visitors in India by 700,000, from 7.5 million visitors in July to 8.2 million visitors in August. This the largest drop in unique visitors Orkut has seen in India over the past year, while Facebook has been steadily growing each month. In fact, Facebook’s audience in India is up 228 percent from a year ago, compared to a 35 percent annual gain for Orkut.”

The reasons : The controversial Friend Export Tool. Another? Facebook Lite. Though a lot of users have complained via WATBlog Comments on how much they hate it, there’s no denying that it possibly has had an impact. Especially since it’s easy and fast to load.

So, Orkut has more users, but very little stickiness. People are way more frequent on Facebook. From a social media marketing perspective, Facebook then clearly has a lead, since it’s users return more often and actually spend more time on the site.facebook

YouTube is continuing its push into the live video streaming realm, despite assurances it gave last year that it wouldn’t enter the space because it was too expensive.

The Google-owned video website has streamed the Outside Lands concert and an Obama press conference in recent months, but now it’s going to stream the Rose Bowl concert of one of the world’s most popular bands: U2

The live streaming event, which begins on Sunday, October 25th at 8:30 PM PT, will be available in 16 countries. The live feed will be available on the U2 Official Channel, and feature a live Twitter feed of chatter about the concert, exactly like what the company did for its full-length viewing of Taxi Driver.

The world’s largest video website, in a conference call earlier today, explained that it is seeking to experiment in live video. Clearly, YouTube sees some type of potential in this emerging market, as live video players Ustream ,, and Livestream have started to prove the viability of this market.

Orkut and other social networking sites are all about bringing real friends together no matter where they may be. Now with Orkut’s video chat feature, all this has become even more easier with your friends inside orkut.
Needless to say but the chat is a great new way for you and your friends to keep in touch face-to-face directly from your orkut homepage.
Have a webcam connected to your computer? Just take a few seconds to download a small plugin, install it, and you’ll be all set to go
Once you’re signed in to orkut, you can tell which of your friends are also ready to video chat by the small green camera icons next to their names in your chat list.
When you find a friend you want to chat with, open a chat window and click on the “Start video chat” link in the “Actions” menu. If you want to get a better view of your friend, you can pop out your chat window and increase the size all the way up to full-screen.

Social media is forging a new era in business transparency and engagement, creating both new challenges and opportunities. Gone are the days when companies could rely on carefully crafted press releases or flashy ad campaigns to communicate with their customers, often in an attempt to convince people that their products are the best in the field.

1. From selling to making connections

Jeff Swartz, who is the President and CEO of the Timberland Company, is a great example of this. Swartz uses his Twitter account to show his personality by tweeting about his life and the social issues he is passionate about, rather than the shoes his company makes. He also links from his Twitter bio to Timberland’s Earthkeeper project that supports environmental awareness, rather than to the company homepage, in an effort to make a connection with people around something that goes beyond just the products Timberland sells.

2.  From large campaigns to small acts

With sites like Facebook and Twitter, we all essentially have our own broadcasting network, and businesses are beginning to see that rather than spending millions of dollars on traditional ad campaigns, small acts can be more valuable because people will inevitably share such experiences through the social web.

3. Being Ourselves

Of course companies need to have employee policies, and there is such a thing as bad press, but look at the most popular companies in the era of social media, and you’ll generally find the ones that give their employees freedom to be themselves in online spaces. The goal should no longer be to create a very controlled and polished image that everyone in a company tries to reinforce, but rather to give employees the means necessary to be human beings that can put a friendly face on the corporation.

4. Omnipresence

To engage with customers, it is no longer enough to have an email address and customer service number on one’s website. Today, people want to interact with and engage businesses via their chosen means of communication, whether that is Twitter, Facebook, discussion forums, or a feedback site like Get Satisfaction

Google has been trying to make search results more user friendly at the same time giving more filtering options to its searchers.

The results are visible only on Google US [View it here] site and are as such missing from regional search portals like Google India. Google seems to be experimenting in adding Facebook friends’ names and also Linkedin Bio info above Users profile link in search results.


Google could provide great value addition for searches as many people are finding Google less effective in the wake of upsurge recorded in spam links for search results. Users are also complaining of severe deterioration of results in higher pages of searches.

This search addition is game changing for Google as more and more social networks approach open policy for profiles thus making it simple for Google to easily crawl useful info and provide better blend of results. In recent past many social networks has introduced new search features.Twitter even went to the extent of revamping its home page to emphasize more on searches. This feature could help it to counter surge of social searches on twitter, digg and plethora of similar services.

With the announcement by Facebook that it now has more than 300 million (30 crore) active users, the question arises that how is this large traffic being handled?

The current numbers are really big. Already 300 million active users and the numbers continue to soar. Facebook, world’s largest social network has been adding users at an average rate of 6,70,000 per day. Most of those users are uploading photos and videos, which requires a lot of storage and computing assets.

More interestingly, Facebook has about 230 engineers, who manage data for more than 30 crore users. That means only one engineer handles more than 13 lacs active users. Certainly, the engineers at Facebook have a dramatic impact.

That places Facebook among the largest Internet companies that have publicly discussed their server counts.

With Facebook ‘s new applications, users can now opt to set the news feed as their default landing page on their blackberries.

The new application also offers few feed filters included by default. The primary upgrade is that device memory is more efficiently managed.

For users with more than 1,000 friends or so, there has been trouble loading up each user’s list of friends. Not being able to access friends makes the application practically useless. While users can view their feed, there’s no way to search through friends which is the primary value proposition of the Facebook application. Thankfully the latest version of this application appears to resolve the issue.fb

According to Adam Ostrow, If you’re wondering why half of the Twitter trends are currently related to US president Barack Obama, news broke recently that he has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

obama550The official site of the Nobel Foundation is dying under the sudden surge of traffic, but the list of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates has already been updated, as you can see in the screenshot below.

This is a somewhat surprising move by the Nobel Committee, since Barack Obama simply hasn’t had enough time to do all that he had set out to accomplish. Still, Thorbjorn Jagland, the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, claims that the prize was awarded based on Obama’s work so far. “We are not awarding the prize for what may happen in the future but for what he has done in the previous year. We would hope this will enhance what he is trying to do,” he said.

Twitter is currently overwhelmed with tweets related to the event, and is at times down, but it’s still holding on. Dozens of topics related to the award and Obama are currently extremely popular on Tweetmeme. If Twitter manages to go through this eventful day (NASA’s moon landing, as well as Miley Cirus quitting Twitter are also popular topics) without a meltdown, it’ll be quite an accomplishment.

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