Rainmakers for all reasons..n..seasons!

exec team Ask any shaman, Rainmaking is a complex art and science! First, you gotta scan the skies, then smell the earth, listen for nature calls, then get your audience together with a whole bunch of leaps, shouts, chants, and goodies. And finally, you gotta get the whole village to join in!

Team Cloud 9 looks at rainmaking differently! Our team of Social Media professionals brings a combination of thought leadership and hands-on execution ability to the 21st Century mobile and web-enabled workspace. Some of us have worked with global brands such as Nokia, Hughes, Fidelity, while others have significant exposure to the world of communications and media having worked with organizations such as JWT, O&M, FCB, HSBC, The Times of India, India Today and Cyber Media group. The composite talent pool is drawn from various verticals and specialisations that include Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media, Healthcare, Corporate Finance, Education and Retail.
In short, Team Cloud 9 is creative, dynamic in the art and result oriented in the practice of Rain Making Social Media.