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Protect Your Brand 

Are you aware of what your customers are saying about you? What about your ex-employees?What about your competitors? Information travels quickly across the internet. Are you listening to the online conversations about your brand?How are these conversations affecting how people view your organization?Consumers use the web to make buying decisions. A vast majority buys offline, but goes online to research, read reviews and get opinions from other consumers.With the growth of consumer-generated media (CGM) such as blogs, forums, and message boards, information can be quickly generated and indexed by search engines. For business leaders, it is vitally important to actively listen to what is being said online, even if messages are negative. Listening creates the opportunity to take action and resolve internal problems or deal with malicious information, both of which can negatively influence your brand image and your corporate reputation.

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Online Reputation Management – Makes good business sense

Successful organizations are aware of the importance of reputation. A positive reputation brings trust, confidence, and sales, which are ultimately reflected in revenue growth and profitability. A bad reputation can lead to a decrease in consumer confidence, and, in turn, a reduction in revenue and profits. In this day and age, erroneous rumors, malicious gossip, unfair opinions and other bad news spread fast! The internet has compounded the speed and the geographic distribution of this information. By the time negative news gets out it is often too late and the damage irrevocable.

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