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Social Media is moving ahead from being a tool to being an industry! Google is the latest to join this league. It is food for thought that why did Google take so long to become a part of the social media. The answer lies in the statistics which say that Buzz saw 9 million posts in 56 hours of being launched. It is apparent that Google has come up with something that moves way ahead than the other social networking websites and this must have required a lot of time for homework.

Google has linked Buzz to Gmail for instant access and immediate visibility and this is why the very second day of its launch, buzz had a surprisingly huge number of people posting on it. Gmail already has millions of users and Buzz being directly linked gets almost of them there in a click.

Buzz is a sure success for Google and is in no doubt to be an effective medium of social media. The increase of traffic on social networking websites highly depends on how easy the interface is, being embedded to Gmail is the biggest advantage for Buzz.

So if you haven’t tried Buzz then go for it right away and explore another tool of social media, although Buzz will not be able to take over twitter anytime soon, unless it adds more linkable websites to its basket.


One basic rule of branding is that your customer defines your brand. No matter how much effort any brand puts in to come up with a good collection or series, its only when the customers come across it that the product gets noticed and used. Advertising is the first step every company opts for and to a great extent it helps the product to reach the customers but advertisements are monotonous and close-ended. In case the customers want to know more about the brand/product/service, they don’t have a choice but to go out and find the answer themselves.

Social Media enables you to reach the people, talk about yourself, know what they have to say, clear doubts or rumors, provide solutions, encourage people to try your brand. Its an open ended conversation which can go on and on and prove beneficial for the user as well as the brand and as the communities expand, the brand gets built.

Its not easy to evaluate the impact of social media on sales but needless to say, if the brand becomes known, even the number of fans on the brands fanpage speaks a lot about the standing of the brand. Moreover social media tools provide regular statistics and evaluations and reports can be generated based on the data. A close look at the conversations can give the brand an insight to what is being liked and what is not being liked by the customers.

According to the latest news, PayPal will no longer withdraw funds to Indian banks.

Isn’t it very sad news for the Indian online business owners who make their transactions through PayPal? It certainly is.

Anuj, one of communication team staff writes a letter in order to let people know that the personal payments ‘to’ and ‘from’ India as well as transfers to the local banks in the country have been suspended.

He also states that PayPal is working with its business partners and other stake holders in order to address the queries they have related to the services.

While this time, the customers can make commercial payments to India, but the merchants cannot withdraw funds in rupees to the local Indian banks. Now this could really trouble those who regularly transact through their PayPal account.

This situation occurred because of the enquiries by the Indian regulators and will continue for quite some time till the issue is resolved.

People were expecting that their merchant customers will be able to start withdrawing their funds at the local bank soon, but it looks like it will take some more time, looking at the current situation.

It may be a teenager wanting to keep his friends and family updated about his life and thoughts or a professional writer doing it to showcase his skills and expertise… Blogging is the means of direct communication between the blogger and the targeted audience. There are several bloggers who have gained fame, appreciation for their blogs as people do like to read what makes sense and what could be of help to them in understanding any concept, product, trend, idea or industry. Having said this, we would also add that blogging for a personal reason and blogging as a brand is very different in terms of language of the content, authenticity of the content and also that the brand would evaluate its standing by observing the comments, number of reads etc.

Blogging is a highlight for Social Media mainly because it allows presenting a detailed content. Secondly blogs are comparably not as frequent as social media feeds. So when a search engine or a linked social media tool brings a reader to your blog, you have an n opportunity to capture the attention for a while. A good content that not just makes sense but also appeals to the reader can compel him to bookmark your blog page for further viewing which means a lot.

Cloud9 believes that blogging, if used in a good way can be of a huge advantage to brand building and reaching the consumers directly.

Google’s latest ‘Buzz’ is a mixed bag for people . Some feel that it is good and some take it in a different way.

Some even believe that the idea behind Buzz is great, but it is not been implemented in the right manner and it needs more refinement before getting known as a serious contender for Facebook or Twitter.

Though Buzz impressed many social media aficionados, it also made a few folks angry.

Why?  There are various reasons behind it.

1-    The major reason behind this is that it is a bit noisy and it is really difficult to deal with.

2-    Another reason is that Buzz isn’t as privacy friendly as most people would have preferred it to be.

But in order to make Buzz more successful, Google is trying to figure out these problems and find an effective solution to it.

The Wall street Journal has recently reported that more and more changes have been planned for Buzz in response to all the feedbacks that the team of Buzz has received.

These changes will include an option to block conversations and other filtering features.

The details about these upcoming improvements have not been revealed yet but these changes needs to be made urgently; after all it is about the strong reputation Google holds.

The President of the United States of America Barack Obama wants his FB and Twitter accounts to actually look good.

The Prez finds a necessity to hire a social media expert who will help him to manage his MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages.

The current ghost tweeter of the Obama is believed to be resigning from the post and this is the reason why the Democratic National Committee (DNC) wants to employ a social networks manager.

Obama believes that social networking sites are useful medium to stay connected with the audience, as he cannot meet everyone personally.

Now this is something that will help Obama in understanding his people in a better way.

Managing the accounts of President isnt that easy, as it isnt like a 9 to 5 sort of job. So what are the qualities, a person must have to manage presidents accounts?

DNC wants that:

  • One must have strong organizing and campaigning instincts.
  • One who can craft messages that can move people to act and
  • One must also understand what actions will achieve the right impact at the right time.

The President of America keeps in touch with his people via Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis. So this is actually the right step taken by him.

Germany’s successful Lufthansa Airlines now comes up with a new social media technology known as MySkyStatus.

This brand new technology will automatically update the departure, location as well as the arrival information on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter’s statys update feeds, while you are in the air.

Wow, now this seems something new and interesting.

MySkyStatus will be responsible for sending updates about the passenger flights with the help of Facebook and Twitter. In the case of long haul flights, the functionality will post more than 10 updates informing about the flight location, altitude and other related information.

MySkyStatus is easy to set up and it works with every Star Alliance partner and also on partner airlines such as Qantas and Virgin Atlantic.

With this new technology, Lufthansa now becomes the first airline to offer this technology. This will surely make it easier for people on the move to keep in touch with their family and friends.

Thanks to Lufthansa, now people left at home will not have to worry about their loved ones.

The technology is all set and is running in both English and German, which can be accessed at

With more than 400 million active users and 50% of them logging in each day, Facebook is apparently the leading social networking and sharing site having multiple dimensions to it; Social Media being a prominent one. The popularity and wide reach of the tool makes it a good platform for various companies to not only promote themselves but find a brilliant opportunity to have a direct interaction with the consumers or clients.

Unlike other means of advertising and promotions, Facebook allows you to easily evaluate the popularity of the brand and get the first hand on the comments, grievances, and feedbacks regarding your product/service. It really presents a clear picture as to how well people know you and allows you to gain more popularity.

However the promotion on any social media tool needs to be subtle and more inclined towards the idea of having a direct interaction with the people. The communication flow should be such which is intended towards getting a better understanding of the level of satisfaction that lies with the consumers and giving assurance in a casual manner. Facebook allows you to create a fanpage for your company where you can invite people to join and comment on the subject being talked about or even anything general related to the company. Many companies like Gucci, Hallmark, BMW have been highly successful in creating a huge fan-base through this medium. Gucci and BMW have more that 5 lac people as their fans. More than a sales pitch, having a fanpage on Facebook enables you to give a personal touch to the users and stay on top of mind through regular updates and conversations.

So the next move for your company should be setting up a page for itself on Facebook and make a move towards productive socialising!

At cloud we give thumbs up for Facebook and rate it as better business awareness tool than linked in!

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