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Print and electronic media remain  reliable sources for news and updates even though social media has largely taken over the medium with its toolkit equipping ordinary folks to become citizen journalists. Social Media is a wide arena with endless tools and though some are more reliable than others the basic element of credibility is still an issue!

However that does not stop journalists from relying on this medium to find leads, sources, stories and at times in-depth knowledge about current affairs. But then again it becomes a challenge to decide which tools can be trusted. No use cluttering Twitter applications on the desktop if you don’t have the right people to follow!

But once you get the knack of what is original and what is diluted… social media can be a constructive tool to build a great story or generate good leads. Let’s take a look at the  ways social media can be helpful to its self proclaimed competitors

  • What goes around comes to Social Networking websites before anywhere else! Even if a news channel might have ten people reporting an event, before they are able to send in the details it will be made available on tweets and Facebook updates! It might not be appropriate to extract a story from this resource but it certainly helps prepare a base for it.
  • There was a time when quoting a public figure in the newspapers meant going all the way to either meet them or wait for the PA to connect the call. But the tables have turned! The famous personalities now leave their opinions on Twitter or as a status update on Facebook and quoting them is as simple as a screenshot!
  • Finding leads is easy when you have a Google alert! Before you reach office and start looking for something to work on, Google alerts can keep you updated on the recent mentions of any of the topics you’ve opted to stay informed about!

Social Media, if used the right way, can be advantageous to almost all industries, products and individuals!


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