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Profoundly misunderstood and badmouthed… No! its not another controversial celeb trying too hard to sound noble but we are talking about the latest web conqueror Twitter! The tool started on 21st March 2006 and since then although the popularity and usage has increased in multiples but there are certain myths and misconceptions that seem to prevail even today when twitter is being used by almost the entire internet using league!

  • Twitter is Clutter

Many believe and say that Twitter is nothing but a collection of useless status updates. The tool would not have been so popular if this was the case. Not denying that there are useless tweets and a huge number of them but then there are highly important and meaningful tweets as well and why do you think the tweets are restricted to 140 characters?

  • Twitter will waste your time

People also assume that joining Twitter would mean getting to know who had lunch when and who is getting a haircut. Well if such updates irritate you from someone, they would do so only once because you can simply unfollow the person after that! You have complete control over whose tweet you get and who do you avoid.

  • Twitter for Vanity

The number of followers on Twitter is not equivalent to your popularity or standard of tweets as some people assume. Twitter is not a resort for attention grabbers; it is a platform for those who find themselves interesting enough to speak to the world regularly. Followers can be increased using but there will be no relevance, no connection, no meaning to it.

  • Frequency of Tweets

When you introduce Tweet to people not using it, they give you confused looks and the same reason that they won’t have time to write about every move of theirs! Well who’s demanding for it? Twitter won’t fine you if you dint change your status update for a month but once you begin to use the tool you yourself will know how frequently you want to update it and typing 140 characters will take what…  a minute?

  • 140 is not enough

Now this is what forces people to come to the point, rather than beat around the bush! Is being brief and short considered polite or rude? Polite I believe, then why not here?

With almost 55 million tweets a day, Twitter is ruling the Social Media Circle and it is important for people with such inhibitions  first do try it and then judge the tool.


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