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With the steeply growing popularity and use of Twitter, there are clusters of useless tweets and some important ones too. Let us take a look at the facts that will amaze!

  • Twitter receives 180 million unique visitors a month! So is this the website every newbie hits for sure? Indeed. Twitter is being talked about as much as people are tweeting and the popularity is bound to attract the ones who are new to the World Wide Web!
  • Twitter has 105,779,710 and increasing registered members! Well this is the most amazing part of the story!
  • Twitter gets 30,000 new users a day! People share and people invite or maybe it is simply curiosity… Twitter has made it easy for anyone new to the tool to join and start tweeting and this encourages participation!
  • Twitter has 175 employees! Well as the network grows, so does the need for people to manage it and this number is also sure to be increasing at a high pace!
  • Twitter gets 600 million search queries a day! With a number of twitter applications and tools, searching for tweets or users has been made easy and the number speaks for itself!
  • 37% of users update their status through mobile phones! Once you start tweeting, there is no stopping. People love to share what they experience and twitter makes it easy for them by allowing access through as simple means as a text message.


  • Of every 100 tweets at an average, 40 are absurd, 38 are chatty, 8 for self promotion, 4 spam and the remaining 8 are meaningful! 8% might be a small amount but when multiplied by the number of tweets each day… it is worth the effort!
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the busiest days for tweets! Strangely, people tweet more when they are at work!

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