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So we spoke about the 20 startup’s vying for PepsiCo’s next social campaigns…here’s a summary of how they see some of PepsiCo’s brands employing their stuff:
The Pepsi Refresh project (due in part by the company’s decision to forgo Super Bowl ads) and Dewmocracy, for a new flavor of Mountain Dew, garnered Pepsico a lot of attention. Not surprising then that the startups conferred much of their pitches around means for PepsiCo to execute campaigns using their products.

Breakoutband (an application allowing users to create their own songs with friends, including the beats, lyrics and vocals )and MyCypher (a program that lets aspiring hip-hoppers to use their mobile phones to record tracks and share them with friends) focused on strengthening Pepsi’s already-strong bonds in the music arena. The company looks to setting up a band vs. band challenge presented by Pepsi.

PepsiCo’s Gatorade brand gets the spotlight –- FanFeedr proposed a web and mobile app to let sports fans follow their favorite teams and athletes. Pixable too plans a potential partnership with Gatorade, using its app to amass photos from pals on FacebookFlickr and Picasa to create branded montages.

A lot of the startups at PepsiCo10 were betting on the growth of mobile and tablet computers.

Miso, will allow users to tune in to television shows and earn rewards and badges. An alliance with television programs and brands like PepsiCo is envisioned.

Spot411 wants to insert social elements to TV viewing on the second screen.

On the other hand, wants to build and create conversations around shows. The USP of its technology is the knack to identify exact spots within a show and support it with tweets and status updates.

BizGreet’s and Affine Systems’s approach is from the advertising perspective.

Eventually, Pepsi will finalise 10 of these companies with which to launch pilot projects thus making it the Pepsico10. At Cloud9media, we are championing the creation of contextual social communities around interesting content and would be bringing you the latest developments on this score. Well we say let the best of them win!!! What do you think??

Source: Mashable



What’s next for marketers in the domain of social media, mobile, location and digital video?

PepsiCo executives, digital strategists and brand managers convened earlier this week at Pepsico’s headquarters in Purchase, NY, for presentations, from 20 promising tech startups, for positioning their products in future PepsiCo campaigns at PepsiCo10 with Mashable as a media sponsor.

Imagine a complete change in the way we shop, pay our bill at restaurants, watch television and even wake up in the morning. That’s what they had in mind and here’s a summary:

Changing the Way We Shop, Eat Out and Wake Up!!

Now self-checkout has been around a while, but AisleBuyer wants to further that by letting people use their smartphones to scan QR codes or Quick Response codes, (the little square shaped black and white barcodes). Imagine a zero wait time…AisleBuyer’s system will let shoppers unlock coupons and close transactions with their credit cards. There could however be logistical hurdles in the application.

Pushpins on the other hand, suggests, connecting QR code scanning to existing loyalty cards. Thus when you check out, the coupons are directly credited via your loyalty card.

Now the loyalty cards themselves might change. Mobestream Media and its Key Ring Rewards Card mobile apps allow users to switch their physical cards into digital ones, so you have a virtual wallet when you checkout.

TableTop Media, provides a self-checkout solution called the Ziosk to restaurants. With it, users can simply swipe their credit card when they’re ready to leave. The device also features content and games that users can interact with during their meal.

Evil Genius Designs on the contrary, wants to make your waits in line more entertaining with a series of interactive games (often branded for sponsors) shown on huge screens at places where long lines are customary.

Other companies looking to change the way we shop include ScanBuyMotiveCast and WeReward.

And then there’s Zazu looking to transform the alarm clock, so those of us who use mobile apps will wake up  to news, schedules, weather and even traffic alerts, with ads for products along the way.

Cloud9Media likes the idea of mobile based shopping, but would like to see more social applications, which could make buying niche products and services easier than it is today!

Source : Mashable

With Facebook’s ever-changing layout, one forgets that there are some neat tricks that the FB status lets you pull.

Here are some super cool tips to help you use your status updates smartly…

Add a Dislike/Love/ Hate Option to Your Status Update

Now everyone’s got a ‘Like’ button.. so how cool would it be to have a ‘Dislike’ button…

The clever Status Magic Facebook app can add a dislike button to any status updates posted via the app. And if what you really want is to have an assortment you can actually customize the second emotion to anything, such as “love,” “hate,” “disagree” or even “LOLs.”

Hide Status Updates From Certain People

Facebook’s general privacy settings allow you to chose exactly who you want seeing or not seeing your FB status updates…You can select specific friend lists… or even specific people… to see your status…very useful for organizing a surprise party huh… ;).

Pre-Schedule Status Updates

The easy, free Later Bro service offers one the choice of easily pre-scheduling their status updates.

So believe it or not, all you gotta do is just sign in with Facebook Connect, select your time zone, type in what it is you’d like to say, set the calendar and clock to when you’d like to say it, and Voila!

Source: Mashable

Social media continues to grow globally in terms of adoption, usage, interest and impact in a massive way. It’s undeniably changing the way that content and information work particularly in terms of the publishing of consumer opinion. This has transformed the way that consumers relate to brands and the way that brands should operate, driving direct interaction, transparency and a more consultative approach.

However, we still operate in a system defined by the old media world and consequently big brand involvement is still in the main tentative and sporadic. From my experience of trying to get big brands to embrace the social revolution, there are a number of reasons why they have yet to embrace the real opportunities that involvement can deliver:

1.Social Media-just another marketing channel: It is of course so much more; it is a completely different approach to others.You can advertise in a social media environment, but the true return on investment comes from developing communities, creating content to be shared, and talking and listening directly with consumers.

2.Push v/s Pull Stratergy: To build community, distribute content, or get people actively involved in an application takes time. Marketing and PR work on short time frames and are wedded to sets of individual campaigns or short term objectives. Social media is not a campaign, it’s a permanent approach.

3. The metrics are new: Advertising is measured in booked exposures, i.e. page views, while social media is measured in direct interactions, i.e. number of friends, number of views or number of users. These numbers will always be smaller, but not necessarily any less measure of success.

How do big brands take the proper approach to social media?

Fundamentally, there should be a social media department, which is responsible for a company’s long term approach to open their companies up to consumers and have a permanent social media presence. They should also work with marketing and PR to make sure that advertising, product development, research and communications all fit into the social media picture and all aspects of the company and the product are socially optimised. Companies like intel and ford have already tried it and have seen results.

Lastly, companies need to look long term and understand the value that social media can bring to cultivate lifetime advocates of their brand. This is about permanent positioning.

Source Mashable

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