Profoundly misunderstood and badmouthed… No! its not another controversial celeb trying too hard to sound noble but we are talking about the latest web conqueror Twitter! The tool started on 21st March 2006 and since then although the popularity and usage has increased in multiples but there are certain myths and misconceptions that seem to prevail even today when twitter is being used by almost the entire internet using league!

  • Twitter is Clutter

Many believe and say that Twitter is nothing but a collection of useless status updates. The tool would not have been so popular if this was the case. Not denying that there are useless tweets and a huge number of them but then there are highly important and meaningful tweets as well and why do you think the tweets are restricted to 140 characters?

  • Twitter will waste your time

People also assume that joining Twitter would mean getting to know who had lunch when and who is getting a haircut. Well if such updates irritate you from someone, they would do so only once because you can simply unfollow the person after that! You have complete control over whose tweet you get and who do you avoid.

  • Twitter for Vanity

The number of followers on Twitter is not equivalent to your popularity or standard of tweets as some people assume. Twitter is not a resort for attention grabbers; it is a platform for those who find themselves interesting enough to speak to the world regularly. Followers can be increased using but there will be no relevance, no connection, no meaning to it.

  • Frequency of Tweets

When you introduce Tweet to people not using it, they give you confused looks and the same reason that they won’t have time to write about every move of theirs! Well who’s demanding for it? Twitter won’t fine you if you dint change your status update for a month but once you begin to use the tool you yourself will know how frequently you want to update it and typing 140 characters will take what…  a minute?

  • 140 is not enough

Now this is what forces people to come to the point, rather than beat around the bush! Is being brief and short considered polite or rude? Polite I believe, then why not here?

With almost 55 million tweets a day, Twitter is ruling the Social Media Circle and it is important for people with such inhibitions  first do try it and then judge the tool.


Print and electronic media remain  reliable sources for news and updates even though social media has largely taken over the medium with its toolkit equipping ordinary folks to become citizen journalists. Social Media is a wide arena with endless tools and though some are more reliable than others the basic element of credibility is still an issue!

However that does not stop journalists from relying on this medium to find leads, sources, stories and at times in-depth knowledge about current affairs. But then again it becomes a challenge to decide which tools can be trusted. No use cluttering Twitter applications on the desktop if you don’t have the right people to follow!

But once you get the knack of what is original and what is diluted… social media can be a constructive tool to build a great story or generate good leads. Let’s take a look at the  ways social media can be helpful to its self proclaimed competitors

  • What goes around comes to Social Networking websites before anywhere else! Even if a news channel might have ten people reporting an event, before they are able to send in the details it will be made available on tweets and Facebook updates! It might not be appropriate to extract a story from this resource but it certainly helps prepare a base for it.
  • There was a time when quoting a public figure in the newspapers meant going all the way to either meet them or wait for the PA to connect the call. But the tables have turned! The famous personalities now leave their opinions on Twitter or as a status update on Facebook and quoting them is as simple as a screenshot!
  • Finding leads is easy when you have a Google alert! Before you reach office and start looking for something to work on, Google alerts can keep you updated on the recent mentions of any of the topics you’ve opted to stay informed about!

Social Media, if used the right way, can be advantageous to almost all industries, products and individuals!

While most of the well known brands are adopting Social Media for powering their social presence and online identity, there are still a lot of fence-sitters with reservations about the impact of  Social Media . Although the world seems to be there on these Social networks but there are still a huge number of people who do not find this medium reliable.

This category includes mostly people  in their 60’s and beyond who are not accustomed to thinking, sharing and  networking through Social Media. The major inhibitions they face are as follows:

  • Social Networks are for kids : Some people still believe that a social network is a place for kids to have fun or for teenagers to find dates! Well this is clearly not the case because more than dating and friendship these networks are being used by professionals for networking and by various companies to engage with  their consumers! .
  • Credibility affected: Some carry this strong misconception that the presence of their company on social media would mean that the company is not into any serious business! Well, if this was the case we would not have organization like WHO present on Facebook! This myth can be easily fought by searching for their client base on Facebook… if they all are there why would they doubt your credibility if you are found to be there?

With the success of Ford, Dell, Coke and others,  presence on Social Media as a brand and business enabler  for any brand or organization is a established fact! High time people realise this.

“Kids are fighting and I need to go with my peace armaments!” This was a recent Tweet from Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood’s iconic superstar, where he shared what is happening in his living room with his 275480 followers!

So is the term privacy fading with the growing intimacy brought in by Social Media?

There are people who wake up in the morning to tweet before they brush their teeth! The advantages of accessibility of Social Media networks and the need to be present at those common platforms all the while is fast becoming a habit for an increasing number of people. You do not need a laptop to send an update when you have a smartphone and if not that, then too, you can use text messaging to do so… it can’t get simpler than that.

So with all these facilities available, the world of conversations, ideas, news and views has shrunk into140 character updates on  Twitter,  and status updates on Facebook and other social networks. While these networks have numerous uses and benefits, there are human factors like addiction and interference which makes things ugly. Imagine having a shrewd friend whom you can’t avoid adding on your account (I am sure all of us can name quite a few such people in our accounts). Now whenever you have a post on your wall, you will have them view it too even if you know it could be disastrous!

Another disastrous situation could be you discussing your work problems and someone from your workplace (again added out of courtesy) or even your boss finds it there! I need not elaborate what the consequences could be! And cases of people getting fired from jobs in corporate and politics are becoming legion.

So  While the  power of social media has brought a lot of sharing among people… there is a case for creating your personal code for  privacy, especially when over a million eyes are watching!

Last we heard was that Facebook can get you fired if your boss finds out what you post about your work life… and now the threat creeps into your personal life.

However hard you try to keep your budding relationship from your Facebook account through clever privacy settings, Facebook will somehow catch it and build confusions for you eventually!

Lets look at the five ways Facebook can get your personal life complicated:

Overanalysing: Paying too much attention to the posts and updates of your partner can get you in trouble within yourself and in your relationship! A fight and you don’t find him posting anything that might leave you wondering if he is hiding updates from you!

Watchdog: The first thing you do after logging into Facebook is to check the posts on the wall of your ex or your current partner? And is the attention that he or she gets troubling you?

Everything Public: The relationships and the break-ups are public when you are of Facebook. The world would notice the showering updates from your new love or suddenly stopped updates from your ex. No matter how much you try, the world will know your relationship status!

Record: Your wall talks about your past… you new relationship might just face a bitter moment once he or she goes through your old posts where you’re being consoled by friends on a break-up or celebrated on a hook-up!

Jealousy: This is the biggest factor! Each post on his or her wall making you jealous, suspicious and disturbed. If you hide the feeling it may leave you disturbed and if you share its a call for a fight! Either ways the relationship suffers!

It is just like dating someone at workplace, where you just can’t control the exposure!


Most of us might have taken a quiz via Facebook or any other social media sites? Isn’t it?

There are many companies that are betting you have, and are integrating social media contests in order to help in raising the brand awareness. For instance- Company called Celestial seasonings, came up with a Facebook quiz for gaining more exposure.

Celestial seasonings isn’t the first company to use quizzes and contests to gain exposure, marketing agency called Spring Creek Group created a social media contest to increase the traffic during the launch of Bing’s search engine last summer.

But why are more and more companies using social networking to achieve brand awareness? The most obvious reason is that almost everyone has accounts on social networking sites.

Besides this, a great benefit to this latest online, marketing tactic is that it is very cheap. With the help of a quiz or contest, you can gain exposure quickly and it is the most efficient ways of doing it.

Be creative and fun with your quiz or contest. After all, no one said that you cannot have fun at work.

Social Media and related tools are providing easy access to informed masses for a number of groups. Facebook, for instance, has created an easy platform to promote social causes and awareness and many NGO’s, institutions, and crusaders are already utilising the vast exposure that is made available by this Social Media tool to create and drive their specific agendas. Although there are various pages created for all causes but we take a closer look to the most popular page for each cause.

  • Earth Hour: Started In 2009, this Facebook Fanpage has managed to get 380,000 people, on its main fanpage enlisted for switching off all lights on March 27, every year for an hour. Regular posting of photos, videos and blog posts have generated  fan involvement with almost each post here getting over 500 ‘likes’- incredible!
  • Aids Awareness: This topic, has generated a lot of attention, with over 160,000 fans joining in to show their concern. However, given the spread of the pandemic, and its mass awareness, the conversations on the Facebook fan page are limited.
  • Save the Tiger:  This cause attracted 1.33 lac people but the discussion remains confined to creating awareness around the problem of poaching rather than directing or guiding opinion or mass action to any solution.
  • Save the girl child Similarly the important cause of saving the girl child also did not get many takers on facebook with 8900 fans.  Reason being the same as irregular updates.
  • Climate Change Being the most talked about and concern generating cause, this one does not have a major presence on Facebook. There are several pages on Facebook promoting the cause but none of them has been able to get a huge number of people together. The reason being no regular posts or action by the creators which eventually takes away the interest shown by the fans.

Facebook can prove to be a great platform to promote social causes provided that the page is maintained with regular updates and encouraging participation.

Millions of consumers use social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook every day, yet many travel firms seem very slow to tap up in the power of this media form.

Just six years after Facebook was established, it has more than 350m worldwide users. Besides this, Buzz today has everything required to reach more than 150m monthly users on the Gmail user base.

Experts have claimed that Travel is one of the foremost sections for consumers in the social media but businesses are lagging behind. Budgets are just slowly moving out of traditional marketing.

According to Paul Richer, senior partner at technology consultancy genesys, “If you are a specialist, participate in groups at Twitter and Facebook and position yourself as an expert.

There are real opportunities for the tourist boards- if a member of staff overseas has a GPS- enabled phone, he/ she can ask for queries and get instant feedback.

Similarly, travellers can easily find information about various places and share information with others on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Social Media is considered as an effective tool and if it has worked in every field, it can surely boom the travel industry as well.

Integrating a social media plan to your branding strategy has shifted from being an option to becoming a necessity for survival in today’s fast moving market arena. Some years ago, the thought of adding a viral component to a campaign was a nice add on, but mere a requirement for success.

But today, companies have understood the importance of social media such as Facebook, Twitter sites and they are experimenting with it in order to find the best ways to control its reach and power to drive returns.

Social Media is produced via self- publishing and user- generated content vs the professional media outlets like TV, Radio, Magazines, and Newspapers etc.

As far as marketing is concerned, Social Media leverages pull marketing, whereas traditional media relies on the push marketing strategies.

Apart from this, what’s most impressive is the cost involved in social media. Social Media requires much smaller monetary investment in comparison to traditional media.

The social media typically reaches a highly targeted niche market and its messages come directly from individual consumers whereas the traditional media messages come most often from the company behind them.

Thus, this highly interactive strategy of branding is surely considered as ‘The next big thing’.

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Desktop devices captured the days and nights of the techies… then there was the laptop fever and now its the age of smartphones!

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are beyond addictions, they’re necessity now and your presence there tells of your presence in the networked professional world. Smartphones allow users to stay connected to the social networking sites wherever you are and this is a big sigh of relief for people who travel a lot or have other internet access issues.

This not only depicts the growing reach and importance of social media but it also tell us how essential it is to stay connected to the world and how easy it has become to stay updated on not only world affairs but also what your friends just thought about!

The ‘always on’ smartphone is making social networking ‘always in’.

A simple question on twitter “what’s happening?” more XXX million people across the world sharing and responding on politics, natural disasters, common causes, events and activations as well as just plain feelings. With open API’s on most social networks, your 140 character micro-blog on twitter, becomes a status update on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and whole load of other such sites.

Evolving technology around social media platforms is bringing the world together on a number of common platforms making new and innovative business models for almost all sectors such as Entertainment, sports, non-profit firms, education, matrimony and mostly everything else but news!

So get tweeting on your Smartphone and be a part of the growth!



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