While most of the well known brands are adopting Social Media for powering their social presence and online identity, there are still a lot of fence-sitters with reservations about the impact of  Social Media . Although the world seems to be there on these Social networks but there are still a huge number of people who do not find this medium reliable.

This category includes mostly people  in their 60’s and beyond who are not accustomed to thinking, sharing and  networking through Social Media. The major inhibitions they face are as follows:

  • Social Networks are for kids : Some people still believe that a social network is a place for kids to have fun or for teenagers to find dates! Well this is clearly not the case because more than dating and friendship these networks are being used by professionals for networking and by various companies to engage with  their consumers! .
  • Credibility affected: Some carry this strong misconception that the presence of their company on social media would mean that the company is not into any serious business! Well, if this was the case we would not have organization like WHO present on Facebook! This myth can be easily fought by searching for their client base on Facebook… if they all are there why would they doubt your credibility if you are found to be there?

With the success of Ford, Dell, Coke and others,  presence on Social Media as a brand and business enabler  for any brand or organization is a established fact! High time people realise this.