Last we heard was that Facebook can get you fired if your boss finds out what you post about your work life… and now the threat creeps into your personal life.

However hard you try to keep your budding relationship from your Facebook account through clever privacy settings, Facebook will somehow catch it and build confusions for you eventually!

Lets look at the five ways Facebook can get your personal life complicated:

Overanalysing: Paying too much attention to the posts and updates of your partner can get you in trouble within yourself and in your relationship! A fight and you don’t find him posting anything that might leave you wondering if he is hiding updates from you!

Watchdog: The first thing you do after logging into Facebook is to check the posts on the wall of your ex or your current partner? And is the attention that he or she gets troubling you?

Everything Public: The relationships and the break-ups are public when you are of Facebook. The world would notice the showering updates from your new love or suddenly stopped updates from your ex. No matter how much you try, the world will know your relationship status!

Record: Your wall talks about your past… you new relationship might just face a bitter moment once he or she goes through your old posts where you’re being consoled by friends on a break-up or celebrated on a hook-up!

Jealousy: This is the biggest factor! Each post on his or her wall making you jealous, suspicious and disturbed. If you hide the feeling it may leave you disturbed and if you share its a call for a fight! Either ways the relationship suffers!

It is just like dating someone at workplace, where you just can’t control the exposure!