Most of us might have taken a quiz via Facebook or any other social media sites? Isn’t it?

There are many companies that are betting you have, and are integrating social media contests in order to help in raising the brand awareness. For instance- Company called Celestial seasonings, came up with a Facebook quiz for gaining more exposure.

Celestial seasonings isn’t the first company to use quizzes and contests to gain exposure, marketing agency called Spring Creek Group created a social media contest to increase the traffic during the launch of Bing’s search engine last summer.

But why are more and more companies using social networking to achieve brand awareness? The most obvious reason is that almost everyone has accounts on social networking sites.

Besides this, a great benefit to this latest online, marketing tactic is that it is very cheap. With the help of a quiz or contest, you can gain exposure quickly and it is the most efficient ways of doing it.

Be creative and fun with your quiz or contest. After all, no one said that you cannot have fun at work.