Desktop devices captured the days and nights of the techies… then there was the laptop fever and now its the age of smartphones!

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are beyond addictions, they’re necessity now and your presence there tells of your presence in the networked professional world. Smartphones allow users to stay connected to the social networking sites wherever you are and this is a big sigh of relief for people who travel a lot or have other internet access issues.

This not only depicts the growing reach and importance of social media but it also tell us how essential it is to stay connected to the world and how easy it has become to stay updated on not only world affairs but also what your friends just thought about!

The ‘always on’ smartphone is making social networking ‘always in’.

A simple question on twitter “what’s happening?” more XXX million people across the world sharing and responding on politics, natural disasters, common causes, events and activations as well as just plain feelings. With open API’s on most social networks, your 140 character micro-blog on twitter, becomes a status update on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and whole load of other such sites.

Evolving technology around social media platforms is bringing the world together on a number of common platforms making new and innovative business models for almost all sectors such as Entertainment, sports, non-profit firms, education, matrimony and mostly everything else but news!

So get tweeting on your Smartphone and be a part of the growth!