Social Media is indeed great and it has surely kicked the doors on traditional journalism. It is reshaping the title of journalist and revolutionizing how news is both reported and broken in near real time.

But can we trust Social Media as reliable and accurate news breaking medium? Most of us will say ‘No’. Isn’t it?

But why can’t it be trusted? The answer to this question is both surprising and ironic in that it has nothing to do with Social Media as a medium, but rather everything to do with its core foundation.

The future lies in the present

Let us just say that Social Media and news are the here and now. How it will evolve for the future has a lot of people asking this question and looking for answers. However, just weeks ago it was everywhere on the web that Facebook could soon become the globe’s leading news reader.

People have also been shouting from the hilltops for what seems like an eternity that Twitter is the wave of future for breaking news.

But just because people say this statement, does that make that true? The undeniable truth is another resounding no; it doesn’t make Social Media a reliable source medium for breaking news simply because someone says so.

Social Media needs to prove itself in this category before it will be called as a reliable breaking news source.

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