Social Media has long back moved on from being merely a medium for entertainment and a spare time activity. The span has widened for social media and with context to education. It can be of high educational value as there are various tools like Blogging, Multimedia Sharing through YouTube and Slideshare, Collaborative authoring like Wikipedia and networking with Twitter and Facebook. All of these can be useful for students in various ways and this has been proved by some live examples of this emerging trend. We’ll look at Harvard.

Harvard Business School integrated Social Media largely into their running by creating their presence on all the major SM tools and linking them onto the university website

The social media page on the university website links you to the Leadership blogs and Microblogs by the professors while it also connects you to eleven Twitter accounts managed by the school, each related to a particular field like HSB News, alumni or MBA students and so on.

The page also connects you to the LinkedIn with separate accounts for alumni and students along with YouTube links, five Facebook pages and six RSS subscriptions! This way they have by large covered almost all major social networking and all of these networks are frequently updated and loaded with conversations!

The students read the blogs written by the professors and each other while they stay updated about news, events, datesheets, and syllabus that they are updated on by HBS Tweets. Social media has helped Harvard maintain a constant connection between the students and the teachers and keeping this communication largely based on studies.

Similarly Amity has also utilized the wide arena of social media through various tools which includes Facebook Applications like Are you a true Amititian and Smart Careers which generates a high amount of involvement of the students and the outside world too. They also use Slideshare for sharing applications and projects.