Social Media is the growing face of peer- to – peer communications with Social Networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Orkut becoming the new opinion discovery and sharing engines communication. Social Media is being used as an effective awareness and activation channel by a number of global brands with marketers reaching the audience directly. The film industry has made a move in bits and pieces too but it is still not a well thought-out initiative. Strangely, film industry is one of the verticals that can gain the maximum through social media, mainly because their target audience is everyone out there and everyone out there in an urban multiplex context is on Social Media!

The recently released Whats Your Rashi was promoted by Cloud9 on and it helped the movie generate curiosity amongst the people who strongly believe in astrology.

  • Wikipedia: Signing up on Wikipedia and feeding all the basic and interesting information about the film can make the film get noticed each time anything similar is being searched about. Frequent updating of information and events can continue generating traffic and hence developing curiosity.
  • YouTube: YouTube is the web hub of the new generation and uploading the movie’s trailers, songs and behind the scene videos can definitely help keep the movie on top of minds!
  • Facebook: 3 Idiots is an excellent example of this one, the official fanpage of the movie on Facebook gathered more than 6 lac fans. But creating a page alone would not help. My Name Is Khan and 3 Idiots may have generated equal amount of controversies and news but here 3 Idiots won the race. The reason is that the fanpage of MNIK with merely 50 thousand fans was not planned or well-executed. The updates had YouTube links and interviews while 3 idiots played it smart by frequent updates, adding contests, quizzes and later by posting most liked dialogues from the movie and the outcome was evident.
  • Twitter: The world is tweeting and this is a great platform to showcase whats in the pipeline. Creating an official account, talking about the movie, sharing interesting facts can get you more and more followers. But over tweeting can backfire too so be there but as much as required.
  • Official Blog: An official blog is where you can put elaborated information about the movie and generate interest. Movie buffs and fans would love to read about people they like so it is important to write about everyone associated with the film along with all miscellaneous activities and events.

Social Media can be a great help to the film industry if the strategic thought is based on consumer participation as was the case with 3 idiots. The context and content go hand in hand in the hearts of the consumer.