Social networking websites like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace Twitter and several Google applications used to be banned at certain branches of the military in US. This was done due to the information exposure and the possibility of malicious acts. The ban has now been removed through a recent policy released by the Pentagon.

However there are certain limitations to the policy. The change would only be brought to the non classified Internet network and certain restriction can be instated by the high officials depending on the situation. Despite these limitations, it is indeed a reason to rejoice for all the military staff and their families. Internet is the medium through which one can stay connected with people anywhere around the globe and what could be better than this for the friends and families of the men and women working with the US military.

This is a great step by the Pentagon and will not only bring people together but allow the military staff to stay updated on the happenings around the world, bringing an element of entertainment to them. Although considering the risk factor that still exists, there will be strong monitoring of the communication and sharing that occurs.

This can be called a huge milestone for Social Media as it is apparently the popularity and vast usage and importance of the medium that resulted in this decision being taken.