Social Media isn’t just about fun and entertainment; it is also a savior in hard times. This was recently proved when the dreadful earthquake hit Chile. Twitter,, Google and other social media tools are not mere networking sites but also informational banks that can help find people and connect.

  • Google Person Finder: it has been a phenomenal tool for those seeking information about their relatives and friends affected by the Haiti’s earthquake. The tool has two buttons where one can either look for someone or provide information about someone; the data is stored in a central database now having over 22000 records. With reportedly over 700 people dead it is a sure sigh of relief to get an instant Google update if someone saw your relative walk past than to wait for the official records.
  • Google Maps layers: Google Maps has a feature called MyMaps that allows the user to see the markets that are still operating. The maps also show the geological effects of the earthquake. Moreover Google is constantly updating the information from US geological survey showing the after-effects of the earthquake and the aftershocks
  • Twitter: Twitter updates can be sent as easily as in the form of an sms. This makes it the most easily accessible tool that can instantly disseminate the updates. The Chilean Red Cross are issuing new updates via Twitter.

With the constant growth of technology social media tools are adopting new features to become more user-friendly and useful.