The latest study from the Pew Internet analyses that various Americans look for              different ways to search for the news. As per the sample of 2259 adults, the study reveals that three fourths of people i.e. 75 percent of them find news online.

They get it either forwarded via e- mails or posts on social networking sites and half of them (almost 52 percent) people forward it via those means.

Doesn’t it translate to a large portion of all Americans? It certainly does.

Apart from this, 59 percent of those surveyed gather there news from a combination of online as well as offline resources.

However, the study also tells that very few people (7 percent) these days are getting information from a single media platform. In fact, nearly half of Americans i.e. 46 percent of them get their news from 4 to 6 media platforms, out of which social networks are on the top.

Most people believe that Television is still the biggest source of news and they gather most of their news sitting in front of their TV sets. But the working populations rely on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc only to know what’s happening ‘in’ and ‘around’.

There are many journalists and free lancers that stay connected to their Facebook or Twitter accounts via their mobile phones in order to get the latest updates in different areas.