Yet another wave of Twitter Phishing has hit the roof the Twitter world with a spat of direct messages.

In this case, somebody writes something about you on your account attached with a link to an ominous short URL.

Now what exactly is this short URL?

This short URL will ask you to log into Twitter, but if you will look into the address bar of your browser you will find that it isn’t Twitter you are logging in to. This link will take you to a third party link that looks like Twitter, but isn’t Twitter.

As soon as you enter the log in details it DMS all your followers that will create the viral loop, which is the anatomy of a Twitter phishing scam.

What is Twitter doing to overcome this problem?

Twitter is ofcourse worried about these Phishing scams and are looking for the ways to overcome this problem. Twitter even posted some tips for avoiding these scams some time back, but it seems that the message didn’t get through to everyone.

This is because a large number of users including several high ranking who have sent such DM’s are getting tricked.

If you think, you have fallen victim of the phishing scam, you are advised to change your account’s password soon.