It is the era of digital media and due to the features like instant and anytime access as well as frequent updates, online news could be a strong competition to the existing mediums of the fourth estate. This is precisely the reason why news agencies like CNN, NDTV and others have established their own online news portals.

A survey conducted by CNN says that 6 out of 10 Americans get news from the internet. Social Media has made news become a social experience. News on the web can be shared through links, can be commented on live, allows you to browse through old stories in about a few clicks and much more. Moreover… it is any day easier to bookmark a link on your browser than to preserve a newspaper clipping!

The ad campaign by Idea, where newspapers are being delivered through internet to save paper, reflects the same story. Considering the pace at which social media is growing, it would not be wrong to say that it is on its way towards surpassing all other forms of media. Digital news is convenient for the people in various other ways like the news can be viewed along with relevant images and videos and with reliable agencies like BBC or CNN providing the news there is  no doubt on the authenticity of the news too. Therefore every person who has access to internet would apparently prefer this medium to stay updated on the recent happenings around the world.