Google Buzz has again become this week’s hot topic of discussion. Yes, we are talking about Google Buzz- focused app directly, which is focused on keeping all the Buzz related apps, add- ons and plugins arranged.

Google Buzz launched a few weeks back and because of its incomplete API, various developers are building their own tools as well as applications in order to take advantage of it.

The idea is to make Buzz easy to integrate with the existing websites.

Many experts have been trying to impress Google Buzz with their designs and work, but the one who managed to mark its place was BuzzAware.

For all of who don’t know, BuzzAware was created by the same team that created Twitdom, which is a highly successful Twitter App directory that has more than 1500 apps today.

Talking about BuzzAware, this new program doesn’t look as extensive as Twitdom. But this is so far, as the selection here on BuzzAware is just limited 18 applications that are divided into four categories- Browser, mobile, desktop and Web.

The web category, which includes both the blog plugins as well as tools like a Twitter contact importer, has the most number of entries so far (which is to be expected).

Well, experts believe that the success of BuzzAware will totally depend on how quickly the Buzz API is expanded, which looks quite impressive till now after its good start.