Social Media is the way various resorts and spa destinations have found to reach their customers. Moving ahead from the traditional advertising, these resorts are broadening their branding efforts by forming a direct connection with the customers.

Some of the remarkable examples are Tanjung Pasir Resort, Indonesia and The Canyon that have gone social in order to achieve customer recognition and remove the gap between them and the customers. Joining Twitter, Facebook and blogging on own website is the first step and then follows the most crucial part, engaging the audience. Tanjung Pasir Resort has been active on Facebook with more than 80000 fans while The Canyon tasted success with their employee blog along with the Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Social Media is a saviour for companies having limited funds as it needs more of time and attention than cost. Integrated campaigns and encouraging people to show up is the key to establish a strong connection with the people. Resorts have an added advantage of everyone out there being a prospect for them and there is no limited target audience.

Encouraging people to share their experiences at the resort or spa destination would also benefit the companies as there is more reliability factor when someone who has visited the place recommends it rather than the owners.