It is clear that Google has messed up with Buzz and its attempt to integrate social media into Gmail didn’t quite work. Though Google reacted quickly to the privacy concerns, but it wasn’t enough as far as bringing a new approach to social media is concerned.

On the other hand, Yahoo did something analogous before Google by signing a deal with Twitter and trying to stretch past email in order to make its company, a potential leader in social networking.

Though integrating tweets into search engine results isn’t a new concept, but Yahoo has a unique approach to it.

Now Yahoo users will be able to view their Twitter feeds and post directly from the Yahoo accounts. This is something similar to what they earlier did by allowing the Facebook users to update their profiles directly from their Yahoo account.

Now what Yahoo is offering here is a smart defensive move that may position it as a nascent social networking hub.

Let us see what all will it offer:

–          It will help retain users and will increase their time on Yahoo sites

–          It provides an incentive for the users to stay at Yahoo and reduce the amount of time keeping up with the things.

–          It will offer new ways to bridge various social networks

–          Most importantly, it keeps people looking at the ads on yahoo and generating revenues.