American car companies are in trouble these days and the reason is the growing popularity of Ford. They have used Social Media to the best and the results can be seen by one and all. In the blogspheres, Ford was mentioned in 12000000 blogs  in three months last year with the next best mention being less than half of it.

Ford focused itself towards building brand affinity in the most cost effective way and it succeeded tremendously. Ford left behind general motors and chrysler in twiiter posts tapping social interactive marketing to the fullest.

There were contests held on YouTube for ford fiesta which generated a healthy dose of news coverage and blogs, this would have otherwise incurred a huge sum in advertising but ford played smart! Moreover ford has been tagged in the maximum number of youtube videos than any other car company.

Similarly ford has more than 40000 photos on Flickr on their name which again exceeds all other companies. Ford has encashed on the endless opportunities that Social Media brings. This does not come on its own but can be achieved with the help of careful planning and monitored execution. This success story proves that if Social Media is used as a platform to connect with people and the right approach taken, it can do wonders for a small or already established company!