In the world of electronics, Dell has been a huge Social Media success story. More than thre years back when Social Media was not as much of a craze as it is today, Dell anticipated the advantages Social Media could bring. They started with a blog which did good and generated traffic, this encouraged Dell to start communities like Dell Community forum and and they entered into full fledged social networking through Facebook

, Flickr and Twitter.  Dell’s Flickr page crossed a million hits last year. This Social Media initiative worked like a magic wand and Dell could extablish a direct connection with the consumers.

An added advantage for Dell was that their product was directly related to world wide web and networking which made it easier for them to find their audience scattered all over the www.

Today, Dell is connected to more than 3.5 million people through different Social Media tools. The company generated revenue of Rs 6.5 million as a result of its global reach on Twitter. These results speak themselves about the efforts put by the company in order to streamline their presence in social networking. They are focussed on constantly increasing the following and providing what the audiences want.