The real key to get Social Media help you is not just great ideas, skills and tactics but. Accountability on what you deliver is significant. The approach towards Social Media process must be as organized and monitored as your other business plans and strategies. Your Social Media efforts will be taken by the audience as seriously as you treat them.

Its important to remember that you are representing your company and anything you put on the internet stays there and is viewable to all, so if you go wrong, the blame is on you and not on the Social Media tool you have been using. That brings us to the importance of having a set objective and a consistent communication. The content, timelines and relevance plays the most important part here. What you say will leave an impact on your entire business and goodwill. Fake promises, wrong information and ignorance can be disastrous.

Coming to the behaviour, Social Media is a good platform but can generate zero results when you start. The key is to keep learning and not to expect too much traffic in the very beginning, go slow or fast as per the need of the hour. This is why adding Social Media to your organization means a completely new vertical to be constantly updated and taken care of. Outsourcing here plays the role of a savior! Outsourcing can get things up and running quickly and the existing networks are an added advantage providing reach.

Social Media can be termed as an endless opportunity but it requires careful planning and monitored execution.