With the fast growing pace of social networking, market is changing for small and big businesses. Marketers are realising the value and advantages of a two way communication with the consumers and there are many success stories that prove the power and impact of Social Media in brand building and beyond.

The norms for marketing are changing, now its not just about selling, that comes in the end results but to get there, one needs to work on the relationship. Gradually all big brands and growing companies are realizing this fact and working towards forming a relationship with the consumers where the communication can be done through a dialogue and not just one-way endorsing. Not denying that advertising has its own importance but where this medium goes weak is that it cannot remove t

he ever-existing disconnect between the consumer and the advertiser. This is where Social Media comes as a saviour.

Benefits of using Social Media:

  • Low on cost-High on reach: Social Media requires time and careful planning while the tools that become the platforms do not incur cost.
  • Builds Credibility: Your clients and prospects will believe what others say about your brand more than what you tell them.
  • Improves Brand Reputation: Providing valuable content and being consistent can establish your brand as an authority in the field and bring trustworthiness.
  • Establishes a strong connection with the audiences
  • Measureable and Visible Results: Social Media Marketing results can be measured through number of hits, comments, likes and other features. The popularity of your page will speak for itself!

If we look at some of the success stories from companies that have managed to make a thriving impact on their business

through Social Media it clearly shows us the new standards of brand building and consumer relationship management.

IBM found a creative way to grab attention through blogging and they utilised Social Media to bring a personal touch to their consumer relationships. They made their employees write about their experiences and highlighted the people behind their products. They used Twitter to keep everyone updated about their events as well.

Similarly Dell has been very active on Facebook and has a remarkable record of having about 100 likes on each update they place and the comments have even gone up to more than 200 people commenting on an update which is commendable! They have more than 1.25lac fans on their fanpage. No wonder we had this news doing the rounds recently that dell managed to make a million dollars through Social Media.

It is apparent that Social Media on being used appropriately can take business to the next level in fact its already at it. If you are not using it you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Source: http://www.mashable.com