As a result of a poll held by Mashable, the Social Media online magazine we find that Facebook is a clear winner as compared to twitter and Google buzz when it comes to popularity, usage and user friendliness.

Cloud9 analyses the reasons behind this win and what makes Facebook be the favourite amongst other popular social networking websites.

There are numerous features supported by Facebook which interest the masses and are of high advantage to companies using Facebook as  a Social Media tool. Facebook allows its user to build their own fanpages and this is a useful tool for all major brands to come closer to their consumers and keep them updated with a single click and zero cost. Hyundai for instance has a fanpage on Facebook with more than 16000 fans. Whereas brands like Mc donalds, lo real have more than 2lac people on their fanpage. However Pepsi wins the race with 5.84 lac people as fans! Its apparent that these brands have identified the value and reach of Social Media.

The basic features of Facebook like each update reflecting on each associated member’s wall and the easy ways of multiplying viewers is an added advantage for Social Media. These factors not only make Facebook the most popular social networking website but also the most bankable tool for creating brand identity on the web.

Other tools such as twitter or buzz are not too far behind in terms of popularity but they would require more time, more features to be added and more interlinks to be created between them and other networking websites, thereafter these can be in the same league where Facebook is today!