A company planning to establish Social Media in their business could easily assume that its all about keeping the tools updated and carrying out conversations as and when comments occur. Although Social Media is no rocket science but there is certainly a lot of involvement, time and planning required just as it goes with any new marketing strategy.

Businesses that take Social Media lightly can result in facing three major blunders.

Direct Pitch: Social Media is a wide platform and the reach is infinite, once the content is steered towards the right targeted audience, its helpful but if the efforts are seemingly direct sales pitches then you are more likely to get a slam on the face because this certainly is not the medium for a direct sales pitch. It is important to know how to shape your words in a manner that conveys the message and does not appear to be directly endorsing your brand.

Being over defensive: Being the company itself, you might more than often get offended at complaints, cheesy comments or harsh words but then this comes with the package and you need to know how to deal with it.  This is where the importance of outsourcing Social Media comes across. When an agency does the Social Media PR for your business they undergo the homework and planning stage and due to the fact that they are totally into this medium, there are well prepared to face all kinds of responses and have a relatively better understanding of consumer reactions and ways to deal with them.

Not being pro-active: Businesses are understanding the importance of moving towards getting social but it can be damaging to assume that it wont require much of time. Social Media needs you to be pro-active and spontaneous. Once you succeed in establishing a network it gets very important to keep it updated and more important to respond to comments and responses regularly. Carelessness and ignorance can leave your Social Media campaign dead and that can be disastrous to your brand identity. In Social Media, once you are there, the world is watching what you do and what you did not do so there is no escape. Outsourcing can be a saving grace for this blunder as well. It ensures that there is always someone to keep a constant check at what is going on with your Social Media tool.

source: http://www.mashable.com