Associated Press seems that almost monthly they do something that something strange. They have recently brought in another oddity by using their Twitter feed to tweet their stories, but every single tweet posted by them links to the story on their Facebook pages.

It is not clear how long they have been doing this, but what’s the reason behind this? AP has a ton of media partners and it is not that tricky for them to link to any of those.

But what’s so strange about this is that instead of copying all their stories to Facebook, they are linking there for no clear reason.

AP, recently had scuffle with Google on the issue of hosting the AP content.  The two sides even had reached some sort of deal earlier this month, but now the AP is hosting all the content on Facebook for this reason.

Maybe they think that by hosting the content on Facebook, they are being impartial with Twitter. But the question is why don’t they use their own site?