It has been months now since we are hearing rumors about in context to MySpace’s proposed redesign and rebranding.

TechCrunch, top social media news blog outlines a few minor details of the overall plan to restrict the hemorrhaging users of the site and curtail its financial decline.

It has been revealed earlier that MySpace will shift its emphasis from just social networking to content discovery and recommendation as well.

But the big question is that is it enough to bring the users back?

Ask yourself what w ould it take for you to start regularly using MySpace again?

MySpace has recently signed an ad deal with Google and the people related to the site are trying to provide much needed boost in the areas of technology and branding.

Though it is unknown what all techniques will ‘MySpace’ opt to save its sinking ship? Undoubtedly the site has a large userbase in the global arena, but what do people want to see that will make them use ‘MySpace’ again?

MySpace did a recent poll on Twitter asking, what folks would need to call themselves MySpace users again. Some responded that they want bribes from money to puppies to Macbooks, whereas some positive comments demanded the site to be easier to user than Facebook.

No matter whatever comments people give, MySpace would really have to try something new in order to re- enter the social networking market, which currently is ruled by Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.