Considering Social Media as a platform for the businesses to communicate with the consumers, a very important aspect remains that the consumers can communicate and comment too and those comments need not always be good and appreciating and this is what you need to be prepared to deal with.

However negative feedback could be direct where someone has suffered because of your company or product or it can be constructive where someone makes s a complaint along with a suggestion. It can be also be a trolling attach without any base or to compare and promote a competitor.

How to react

After determining the type of feedback received, you need to decide how to respond. The key to steer the conversation towards a positive track involves these guidelines:

  • You must not add negativity to the conversation by picking up a fight; this will only result in poor effect on your business identity.
  • No response will also prove negative on your part as this might reflect your ignorance towards consumer care.
  • If the problem relates to a process your company follows but the consumer does not like it, try explaining in a polite way why it is important to follow that process.
  • Use the right language, do not start replying with words like “we do this because…” instead write in a courteous manner (“thank you for highlighting the point, we need to follow this process because…”)
  • When the criticism comes along with a suggestion you may be willing or not willing to take the suggestion part but while responding it is important to build trust and loyalty by being positive and thankful.
  • If the attack seems absurd and personal, simply assure the consumer that corrective measures will be taken to mitigate the problem. The key is to not leave any reason for any further negativity.

For trolling/spam messages, best way is to remove them as an when they appear. These comments do not come from the consumers you are targeting hence they deserve no attention but need to be removed because they are visible to one and all.