Social Media is moving ahead from being a tool to being an industry! Google is the latest to join this league. It is food for thought that why did Google take so long to become a part of the social media. The answer lies in the statistics which say that Buzz saw 9 million posts in 56 hours of being launched. It is apparent that Google has come up with something that moves way ahead than the other social networking websites and this must have required a lot of time for homework.

Google has linked Buzz to Gmail for instant access and immediate visibility and this is why the very second day of its launch, buzz had a surprisingly huge number of people posting on it. Gmail already has millions of users and Buzz being directly linked gets almost of them there in a click.

Buzz is a sure success for Google and is in no doubt to be an effective medium of social media. The increase of traffic on social networking websites highly depends on how easy the interface is, being embedded to Gmail is the biggest advantage for Buzz.

So if you haven’t tried Buzz then go for it right away and explore another tool of social media, although Buzz will not be able to take over twitter anytime soon, unless it adds more linkable websites to its basket.