One basic rule of branding is that your customer defines your brand. No matter how much effort any brand puts in to come up with a good collection or series, its only when the customers come across it that the product gets noticed and used. Advertising is the first step every company opts for and to a great extent it helps the product to reach the customers but advertisements are monotonous and close-ended. In case the customers want to know more about the brand/product/service, they don’t have a choice but to go out and find the answer themselves.

Social Media enables you to reach the people, talk about yourself, know what they have to say, clear doubts or rumors, provide solutions, encourage people to try your brand. Its an open ended conversation which can go on and on and prove beneficial for the user as well as the brand and as the communities expand, the brand gets built.

Its not easy to evaluate the impact of social media on sales but needless to say, if the brand becomes known, even the number of fans on the brands fanpage speaks a lot about the standing of the brand. Moreover social media tools provide regular statistics and evaluations and reports can be generated based on the data. A close look at the conversations can give the brand an insight to what is being liked and what is not being liked by the customers.