According to the latest news, PayPal will no longer withdraw funds to Indian banks.

Isn’t it very sad news for the Indian online business owners who make their transactions through PayPal? It certainly is.

Anuj, one of communication team staff writes a letter in order to let people know that the personal payments ‘to’ and ‘from’ India as well as transfers to the local banks in the country have been suspended.

He also states that PayPal is working with its business partners and other stake holders in order to address the queries they have related to the services.

While this time, the customers can make commercial payments to India, but the merchants cannot withdraw funds in rupees to the local Indian banks. Now this could really trouble those who regularly transact through their PayPal account.

This situation occurred because of the enquiries by the Indian regulators and will continue for quite some time till the issue is resolved.

People were expecting that their merchant customers will be able to start withdrawing their funds at the local bank soon, but it looks like it will take some more time, looking at the current situation.