It may be a teenager wanting to keep his friends and family updated about his life and thoughts or a professional writer doing it to showcase his skills and expertise… Blogging is the means of direct communication between the blogger and the targeted audience. There are several bloggers who have gained fame, appreciation for their blogs as people do like to read what makes sense and what could be of help to them in understanding any concept, product, trend, idea or industry. Having said this, we would also add that blogging for a personal reason and blogging as a brand is very different in terms of language of the content, authenticity of the content and also that the brand would evaluate its standing by observing the comments, number of reads etc.

Blogging is a highlight for Social Media mainly because it allows presenting a detailed content. Secondly blogs are comparably not as frequent as social media feeds. So when a search engine or a linked social media tool brings a reader to your blog, you have an n opportunity to capture the attention for a while. A good content that not just makes sense but also appeals to the reader can compel him to bookmark your blog page for further viewing which means a lot.

Cloud9 believes that blogging, if used in a good way can be of a huge advantage to brand building and reaching the consumers directly.