Google’s latest ‘Buzz’ is a mixed bag for people . Some feel that it is good and some take it in a different way.

Some even believe that the idea behind Buzz is great, but it is not been implemented in the right manner and it needs more refinement before getting known as a serious contender for Facebook or Twitter.

Though Buzz impressed many social media aficionados, it also made a few folks angry.

Why?  There are various reasons behind it.

1-    The major reason behind this is that it is a bit noisy and it is really difficult to deal with.

2-    Another reason is that Buzz isn’t as privacy friendly as most people would have preferred it to be.

But in order to make Buzz more successful, Google is trying to figure out these problems and find an effective solution to it.

The Wall street Journal has recently reported that more and more changes have been planned for Buzz in response to all the feedbacks that the team of Buzz has received.

These changes will include an option to block conversations and other filtering features.

The details about these upcoming improvements have not been revealed yet but these changes needs to be made urgently; after all it is about the strong reputation Google holds.