With more than 400 million active users and 50% of them logging in each day, Facebook is apparently the leading social networking and sharing site having multiple dimensions to it; Social Media being a prominent one. The popularity and wide reach of the tool makes it a good platform for various companies to not only promote themselves but find a brilliant opportunity to have a direct interaction with the consumers or clients.

Unlike other means of advertising and promotions, Facebook allows you to easily evaluate the popularity of the brand and get the first hand on the comments, grievances, and feedbacks regarding your product/service. It really presents a clear picture as to how well people know you and allows you to gain more popularity.

However the promotion on any social media tool needs to be subtle and more inclined towards the idea of having a direct interaction with the people. The communication flow should be such which is intended towards getting a better understanding of the level of satisfaction that lies with the consumers and giving assurance in a casual manner. Facebook allows you to create a fanpage for your company where you can invite people to join and comment on the subject being talked about or even anything general related to the company. Many companies like Gucci, Hallmark, BMW have been highly successful in creating a huge fan-base through this medium. Gucci and BMW have more that 5 lac people as their fans. More than a sales pitch, having a fanpage on Facebook enables you to give a personal touch to the users and stay on top of mind through regular updates and conversations.

So the next move for your company should be setting up a page for itself on Facebook and make a move towards productive socialising!

At cloud we give thumbs up for Facebook and rate it as better business awareness tool than linked in!