Social media has become a phenomenon for fans of all kinds. Until recently, how else would you be able to connect with your sports hero or favorite actor? The Internet provides endless possibilities to those who attempt to use it. Here are five reasons why every sports fan should be on social media.

1.Give Yourself a Voice:First and foremost, social media gives every fan a voice. Before social media existed, aside from trying to yell at a player from the stands during a ball game or mailing a letter to their publicist, there really wasn’t a way to reach out to professional athletes. Now, fans can reach out to their favorite athletes via outlets such asUStream, Twitter and Facebook.

2.Stats,Score & News:Forget the days of watching TV and waiting for the evening news to come on. The best place to get up-to-the-minute information is social media. Die-hard fans who really want to be in the know can now follow various Twitter accounts – @ESPN, for example – to get the latest scores, stats, breaking news, as well as up to the minute information on their favorite teams.

3.See Life off the court & Field:Ever wonder what your favorite athlete likes to do in their spare time? Social media outlets and personal websites allow you to do just that. You can visit an athlete’s website or check out their Twitter posts and learn many things you didn’t know.

4.Get Uncencored Access:Athletes have a certain protocol to follow when they speak to the media, but when they are speaking through social media, you get a chance to get unfiltered information straight from their mouths.

5.Be a #1 Fan:In sports, fans are very important — there’s more to home field advantage than just playing on a familiar field or court; it’s also about playing in front of your true fans and feeding off their energy. This is why most athletes make an effort to reach out to the public and show their appreciation through social media. The fans themselves often create online groups/clubs/networks that other fans can sign-up for so they can share their common bond and talk with others who have the same interests. These fans often interact with each other and share stories about their favorite athlete.