It’s the end of the year, traditionally a time for self-reflection. While many of us are making our New Year’s resolutions and looking back on what we accomplished, a lot of social media companies are sifting through their data and sharing what was hot in 2009.

YahooBingTwitter and Facebook have already revealed their top searches and most-discussed trends and stories of 2009. While social media giant Digg has yet to release such a list, it did recently launch a tool called Digg 365, which summarizes the top stories for every day, month and year on Digg since 2005.

With the information on the social media tool’s most dugg stories at our fingertips, we decided to figure out what diggers cared about most. Thus, we uncovered the top 10 stories for Digg in 2009. While some match top trends on Twitter,Facebook and others (e.g. Barack Obama’s election, Michael Jackson’s death), other stories were decidedly humor only Diggers can truly understand.