The Coca-Cola Company is on a mission to find happiness in the 206 different countries that sell Coca-Cola products across the world.


Lets look at the team and the mega trip for 2010.


Team The MIX, Tony, Kelly and Antonio come from different backgrounds but are ready to work together to share the message of “Open Happiness” with the world. Tony is from Washington D.C., but has lived in Germany for the last two years, working as a kindergarten teacher. Kelly is a university student from Brussels who was born in South Africa. Antonio is a university student from Mexico City and has also spent time in Peurto Rico. Between the three of them they speak eight languages — which should come in handy when traveling around the world.

All three winners are already well versed in social media. The team utilized Twitter and Facebook to garner votes for their team. It paid off too — 75% of the votes came from outside of the United States. Tony told me that they really want to push the boundaries of what they can do with the social web. Using video, photography, blog postings, Twitter, and social networks, the three will be sharing their adventure with the world as it happens.


With Expedition 206, Coke is really doing something unique. Not only are they letting the winners travel the globe to visit all 206 markets, they are going to utilize the social web along the way.

This is how it works: other than airfare, the team members will have to make their own way across the world. They have a schedule of stops, but they have to get their own food, find their own places to stay and meet up with the locals themselves. The team is going to be given per diem for food and local travel, but what they do and where they do it is pretty much up to the team members — and the people at home interacting with the Expedition 206 team online.

The team will be visiting the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, the FIFA World Cup in South Africa and the World Expo in Shanghai. They will be sharing their updates on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube ,Flickr , and other social networking sites. You can follow the progress on those channels or see the real-time lifestreams at

Along the way, people at home can recommend places to stay or must-see attractions, restaurants to definitely visit — or avoid — and more. Who knows, if the team happens to be in your area — you might even want to meet up for a Coke or show them something cool in your area.

The whole trip is all about interacting with people around the world and sharing the idea of happiness and connecting on a personal level and making connections that can exist beyond just language.

Source Mashable & DM News