Business Cards are no good any more today if they not accessible on Twitter, Linked In or Facebook! Virtual Business cards fulfill a much great need in this instant message driven world. What’s better it also enables individuals and corporates to save paper. A lot of companies seem to agree and have built products that function as virtual business cards – read 8 Ways to Create Paperless Business Cards

However, goes in a different direction. Its goal isn’t just to get you a phone number an email address, but to create a beautiful, shareable social media card.

The virtual business card maker asks you to complete five steps to create your embeddable, shareable card. First is to add your social networks: supports dozens of networks from Twitter to Next is to add your personal details – things like your name, your picture, and a quick bio. The next part is the design, something that implements beautifully. You have your choice of 38 different skins, though some are only available to premium users. The art and the interface are both clean and impressive in design.

The last two steps center around sharing your card. You can (but don’t have to) send your card out via Twitter or embed a button with your contact details. The end result is a simple, clean, and useful webpage that you can use as your virtual business card. While it’s not as easy to share as Contxts, it is far more elegant of a design – something that isn’t overlooked in the business world.’s best features reside behind a premium account – including skins, ad removal, and analytics for your card. It comes at a price of $2.99 a month, which is reasonable, compared to some of the other price plans we’ve seen. So if you want to build a beautiful social media card, might be the way to go.

Source: Mashable