Small businesses can effectively supercharge themselves by leveraging social media. However, pre-requisite is drafting a plan for social marketing efforts as well as in terms of returns. Once your goals are clear, leveraging social media will become easier and will translate into more results.

Facebook is the big daddy of social media marketing. If you want to generate revenues for your business, you have to have a presence on Facebook. You can either create business fan page, which will let all your fans and members register with the page. This is one way of expanding your business presence. Other important way is to track your competitors on Facebook and see what they are doing. In fact, observe the ways how your competitors are generating traffic, which give you better ideas as to how you can generate traffic for your site.

Even twitter has become every marketer’s priority in the past three years. The site offers a variety of options which can help generate a lot of traffic for your business. Various desktop and mobile tools like Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and Tweetie will give more flexibility to your business. With other tools, you can define key searches and focus on the main content. Optimization is the key with Twitter. So, get going with the network accordingly.

Apart from social networks, corporate blogging can also give your business the desired boost. But before anything, you would have to register a domain name. But if registering a domain name seems like a difficult task, you can also get going with sites like WordPress, Blogspot or Posterous. All these sites are excellent options if you want to start a conversation with your audience. Nonetheless, great content is the only way to popularize your blog. So, decide on what interests you and get going in the blogosphere.